We’ll use Trello to manage our group process in a number of ways. It is public, which is good (we’re an open research group, meaning we work publicly, and share our work publicly), and it is easy for everyone to contribute. As members come and go from the work, it is easy to see the history, and to continue contributing.

Community and Culture

We aspire to be anti-racist and anti-sexist in our work—which, if those words are new to you, you could read them to mean "we try and create an equitable and enjoyable workplace for everyone in the group."


We'll use a wide variety of tools in our work. This Trello card links to the tools the group is currently using for storing, collaborating on, and managing documents and data of all sorts.


No one expects you to know everything on day one. Or, on day two. Really, no one expects you to know everything ever. Always be encouraged to ask Matt, or other members of the team, for guidance and help. Over time, we've collected resources that we think help bring people up to speed on the tools we use.