The Coro Unum Group

The Coro Unum Group is in search of open source/open culture solutions to challenging problems. We aspire to solutions that are affordable in implementation and replication, be those solutions social, technical, or otherwise.

We adhere to the contributor code of conduct in this group, and in doing so, aspire to do amazing research in a collaborative and inclusive manner.


If you’re joining in any of the projects we’re working on, you should take a look at the group onboarding documentation. This will walk you through the tools we use in our work; go ahead and create some accounts. Ask questions of Matt or anyone else in the group if you get stuck.


The group has multiple projects that are ongoing, and those projects live at various levels of activity at any given time.



About the Group’s Name

Lynx Rufus is the North American bobcat. The bobcat is the Bates College mascot.

Coro unum is “one horn” in Latin.

One-horned bobcats are rarer than unicorns, for the record.